4 Brow Shaping Mistakes DIYers Make

Your brows should enhance your features and frame your eyes, not pull attention. When it comes to brow shaping, I see many of the same mistakes over and over. If you're a DIY kind of gal, make sure you're not committing these brow sins.

I rehab brows that have suffered any number of terrible fates.  When it comes to brow imageshaping, I see many of the same mistakes over and over. If you’re a DIY kind of gal, make sure you’re not committing these brow sins.

  • Starting the arch too close to the nose. Starting the arch too far over leads to brows that are too thin and uneven. I call these tadpole brows. Because, yes, that’s what they look like. You’ve created a bald spot, and now your brow has round head and a thin tail.
  • Over-trimming. Trimming too much of the brow leaves too little for the tail. When the tail is too thin or too short, you seem to have half of a brow. Half of a brow is not a cute look, so make sure you leave plenty to work with.
  • Standing too close to the mirror. Take two giant steps back and look at the big picture before you tweeze. Looking at the small view leads you to take too much hair, which ultimately leads to an uneven line and too-thin brows.
  • Ignoring the rest of your facial features. People are so scared to have thin brows that they often leave them too thick. If you have delicate facial features, you need a delicate brow shape. Bushy brows draw attention away from the eyes. We want balance, and like Goldilocks, we want this just right.

Need to put your brows into rehab? Start by letting them grow in as much as possible. It may take months for them to fill in, so this is a great time to practice self-restraint. You can grab obvious strays, but steer clear of the brow line. You may want to consult with a professional to get on a treatment program.

Decide where the brows should start and end by using a straight line from the corner of the nose through the corners of the eye, as the photo above indicates. Your arch should start on the line between the corner of the nose over the pupil of the eye.

Remember that your brows are sisters, not twins. Each brow is different, and though we aim to make them look as similar as possible, it is not always going to happen. Don’t obsess over something that may never happen.

Revitalash Revitabrow Eyebrow ConditionerAim to have a smooth line above and below. The eye is automatically drawn to what is different, and holes in the brows are obvious. If you’ve overtweezed in the past, you may need to fill your brows in to create a smooth line. You can also try my favorite brow savior, the RevitaBrow Eyebrow Conditioner, which I have seen work miracles on overtweezed brows.

Your brows should enhance your features and frame your eyes, not pull attention. If your brows are well done, you shouldn’t even notice them. Arches that arch just right lift the eyes and make them appear brighter, more open, and youthful. Who wants to miss that opportunity?

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