4 Ways You’re Secretly Sabotaging Your Skin

Sometimes the little things we do can secretly sabotage our efforts for clearer skin. Four things that you could be doing to cause acne.

Four things you're doing that may be causing acneBreakouts are frustrating, especially when they show up right before a big event. Sometimes it seems that no matter what products you try, your breakouts persist. Bacteria is a key cause of acne. If you are exposing your skin to things that harbor bacteria, you could be making your skin worse… without even realizing it. Check some  of these everyday items that may be causing more harm than good.

  • Your cell phone. If you often talk on your cell phone, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Oil and makeup can get trapped in the keys and build up on the screen, and… ew. Try using ear buds or a blue tooth when possible, and wiping the surfaces of your phone with alcohol. You can easily get individually wrapped alcohol swabs online to keep in your desk or bag for easy sanitizing.
  • Your pillowcase. It captures oil and sweat from your face nightly, and then you go back the next night and lay your face in all that… ew. The pimples will of course pop up while you’re snoozing. Try changing your pillowcases regularly, even every night if you’re super oily or prone to break outs. Purchase extra pillowcases to make this easier. If you’re using an acne treatment with benzoyl peroxide, make sure to use white pillowcases as it can bleach fabrics.
  • Your makeup brushes. Are you washing them regularly? If not, they can be trapping excess oil and bacteria in the bristles and then, you brush all that… right back on the next day. Try washing your brushes once a week, or even every couple of days if you’re very oily. Better yet, use clean hands wherever possible. Wash your brushes with a gentle non-drying shampoo or even face wash.
  • Your hair products. Heavy hair products can build up alongPhilosophy Microdelivery Mini Peel Pads the hairline, clogging pores and trapping bacteria, and you might not be really getting clean when you wash up at night. Factor in hats and you have… the perfect storm. Try using peel pads along the hairline to get into that area and break down clogging. Some to try are the Philosophy Microdelivery Peel Mini peel pads, which have lactic acid to exfoliate and citrus extracts to help kill bacteria. Oilier or mature skin types can try the Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads, which have a higher concentration of alpha and beta hydroxy acids and some anti-aging ingredients. They’re better for skin types that can take more aggressive exfoliation, especially since these pads have a textured surface. Also, remember to wash your hat regularly as well.

These every day items are things that we often don’t consider when we think about acne treatment programs. Have you ever realized you were secretly sabotaging your efforts for clearer skin?



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