BB Creams… Decoded

What is a BB cream, and do you need one?

Flip through any magazine, watch any channel on TV, and you will see an ad for a BB cream. They seem to have come out of nowhere and are suddenly everywhere. The million dollar questions are, what is a BB cream, and do you need one?

The concept of the BB cream originally came out of the Asian market. The BB stands for blemish balm or beauty balm. They are designed to camouflage any blemish or imperfection in the complexion. They are generally lightweight, tinted foundation creams that also contain various treatment ingredients to treat your skin concerns while concealing. They are both solving the problem and covering it up at the same time. The truth about BB creams is that it’s not a new concept. Many of the foundations and tinted moisturizers from just a few years back are similar to the BB creams that we’re seeing advertised today. Those formulations also featured treatment ingredients to address different concerns.

what is a bb cream?BB creams are incredibly tempting because they seem to solve so many problems at one time. But beware the jack of all trades. Even I find a product that is 12-in-1 a little overwhelming. These creams may help with your concerns, but they can’t ever replace the treatment benefits of a serum. At the end of the day, they are still a cosmetic product. If you have a skin concern, make sure to address it with a targeted treatment. But if you’re going to wear a complexion product, you might as well pick something with some added beneficial ingredients.

Most BB creams claim to hydrate or moisturize. As with tinted moisturizers, whether you can just use a BB cream really depends on your skin type. I generally feel that people need a little something more than just a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. Those who are super oily may feel like this is just enough. I like to layer since I am very dry.

If you are looking for a full coverage complexion product, you may like a BB cream as a foundation primer or extra layer of coverage. If you just like a little complexion evening and control, a BB cream alone may be just enough for you. Pick the right BB cream for you by first finding a texture and coverage you love. Remember, it’s a cosmetic product first. Do you want more coverage, or just a hint? Do you want a tint and primer in one? Does the brand you’re considering offer a color that suits your natural skin tone? If you’ve got it narrowed down to just a couple now, does this product treat your other concerns? Does it hydrate, or help to fade marks? Think of these benefits as your bonus points.

Look at your BB cream as the frosting on the cake… not completely necessary but it’s sure nice to have it there!



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