The Cinderella Effect

cosmetic effect of skin care

People ask me lots of questions about skin care. They never ask me this one, but they should. Are you asking the right questions about the effectiveness of your skin care products?

How To Hydrate

murad skin soothing serum redness reducing

Every skin type needs hydration. Here are tips on how to boost the hydration of your skin, plus some recommendations for my favorite products.

The Gym for Your Skin

strength training work out

Building a skin care routine is like working out. You have to find balance in order to get the best results.

The Usual Suspects

The usual causes of common skin allergies

Allergies can be murder- hives, redness, constant itching. Figure out who’s committing crimes against your skin by starting with this unseemly bunch.

Esthetician, P.I.

Woman looks through magnifying glass

This super sleuth esthetician cracks the case of a mystery allergic reaction.