Getting Real About Natural Skin Care

Natural skin care products are everywhere. But what does it really mean to be natural?

what does natural mean for skin care?Natural skin care is all the rage. It seems every time I turn around, there’s another brand launching a natural line. Unfortunately, this term is not regulated. There is no agency that checks to see if every product that claims to be natural fits any particular guidelines. So how do you know what is natural skin care and what is not? Let’s get real about it.

Natural can really mean anything. Some popular features of natural skin care products are that they are paraben free or fragrance free. Many natural skin care products use a higher concentration of botanical ingredients. This could mean a few extra botanical extracts added to a preexisting formula, or it could mean that the majority of the ingredients are botanical. Again, there is no regulation about what natural means.

Natural does not guarantee anything. It does not mean that it is organic. It also does not mean that it is mostly natural or botanical. It also doesn’t guarantee that the ingredient is good for your skin, even if it is natural. Mineral oil can technically be natural, as can water. It definitely doesn’t mean that the product is automatically better for sensitive skin.

This confusing term means that you need to be an extra savvy consumer. It means that you need to decide what natural skin care means to you. [Tweet this!] Do you worry about preservatives? Do you want a large percentage of natural ingredients? What about fragrance? You may find it helpful to invest in a cosmetics ingredients dictionary to look up some common ingredients. My favorite dictionary is A Consumer’s Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients by Ruth Winter.

The key to the truth about a product lies in flipping over the package and reading the ingredients list. What is on that list? The rule that you shouldn’t eat anything you can’t pronounce is great for food, but it doesn’t necessarily apply to skin care. Many ingredients that are good for the skin are difficult to pronounce, and some companies get tricky by putting the Latin name for a botanical on the list. It takes work to decipher. If natural skin care is important for you, it should be worth it.

There are many reputable natural brands that make great skin care. There are tons of natural skin care products that I love. The great thing about the current skin care market is that you have plenty of options for whatever you want. I only want to help you find what is most important for you.



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