how to tell if your skin care is naturalEveryone wants natural skin care these days, and I’ve talked about the fact that there is no regulation for this term before. My readers are savvy skin care shoppers, so I want to help you figure out if a brand is really natural, or just capitalizing on a trend.

Since there is no regulation for the word natural, you must decide what natural skin care means to you. Does it need to be paraben free? Are you simply looking for more botanical ingredients or essential oils? Do you have other ingredients that you want to avoid, like petrochemicals, dyes, or sodium lauryl sulfate? I have my own idea of what natural means, and I’m sharing it here. It starts by flipping over the box and looking at the ingredients.

You’ll need to make your own decisions about what you want in your skin care and what you consider natural. My goal is to put enough information out there to help you make your own informed decisions.



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  1. I think you hit your goal with this post. Knowing what to look for in natural skin product is crucial to helathy skin. Looking at the ingredients list a good idea. Thanks for the information it was really helpful.

  2. thanks for providing this information i really like this type of informatic, and i have got such a nice experience to visit here and i also share my experience to my others friends, and also My FB friends

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