Just the FAQs: Can My Skin Care Stop Working?

One of my favorite beauty myths to bust... Can you become immune to your skin care routine?

skin care productsI love this beauty urban legend. And it’s one of my favorite myths to bust. Here are a few reasons why you can’t become “immune” to your current routine.

You get used to your results. If you are using something that works, it will continue to work. Unfortunately, we just get used to seeing the glow in the mirror. Just like any other part of your body, your skin uses nutrients and discards waste. Once a nutrient is depleted, you need to feed your skin again. It doesn’t use a nutrient once and never need it again. If you take a vitamin C supplement, your body uses what it needs and discards the excess. Next week, you’ll need more.

  • Your skin’s needs may change. Let’s revisit the vitamin C analogy. If you are sick, your body may need more help to repair. Then you need more vitamin c than before because of what’s happening, not because you got used to the amount of vitamin c you were taking in. Circumstances changed; your needs changed. Your skin functions the same way. If you are stressed out, your skin may be depleted of more vitamins than usual, increasing your need for more. It’s not that your skin is used to the products. Your needs are different.
  • Your products have expired. Yes, in this case, they probably have stopped working. Expired product means less effective ingredients. Less effective ingredients mean less noticeable results. But this doesn’t mean that a new bottle won’t work as the first one you purchased.
  • We get bored and a shiny new product beckons from the pages of Allure. Even though I know that skin care doesn’t “stop working,” it’s always fun to try something new… and that’s okay! It’s good to do something different to mix up a routine, but be careful of shocking your skin too much or too often. But I encourage you to dig deeper if this is the case. Make sure that in your restlessness, you don’t throw out a product that really works for you in lieu of something less suited.

So never fear, you don’t have to give up a favorite product. You don’t need to switch up your skin care routine for fear of becoming “immune” to it. But if you’re not seeing the results you want, try a smaller tweak and keep your favorites on hand.


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