Just the FAQs: How Often do I Need a Facial?

Woman getting a facial at a spa.

As I do my initial consultation before a facial, I usually ask when you had a facial last. My clients often get a guilty look as they admit that it’s been “a while,” or “longer than I can remember.” So the next question I hear is, “How often should I get a facial?”

This is a tough question that varies with the individual. The easiest answer is that you need a facial as often as you Woman getting a facial at a spa. need your pores cleaned. Skin will always make blackheads and clogged pores, and some skin types make them faster than others. So if your blackheads seem to come up regularly, then you might need a monthly facial. If you don’t notice as many blackheads, you may be able to get a seasonal facial.

But facials have many benefits other than just getting those pores cleaned out, many of which people overlook when thinking about whether or not they need a facial.

  • Professional exfoliation. I’m a believer in the importance of regularly getting a professional peel. I work with products that are safe but are stronger than retail products. This deeper exfoliation stimulates cell turnover rates and rids the surface of excess dead skin. When you remove layers of dead skin, the products that you use at home penetrate better, which in turn gets you better benefits and longer lasting results.
  • Massage. It’s more than just a means of relaxation. It has many therapeutic benefits. It stimulates blood flow and draws oxygen to all layers of the skin. This helps to stimulate healing, lymphatic drainage, and nutrient delivery. Also, massage tones and relaxes muscles, which allows them to relax and contract as they should, leading to a softer, smoother complexion.
  • Professional consultation. In a facial, you get an hour to ask me questions about your skin. I analyze your skin and consult with you. This is a great time to figure out how to get more from your routine and check whether you’re using what’s really best for your skin and concerns.
  • Relaxation. Yes, relaxation is incredibly important to good skin. [Tweet this!] Furrowed brows and clenched teeth create repeated muscular movement that can eventually cause wrinkles. Additionally, chronic stress can change hormone levels in a way that can increase breakouts and stop nutrients from getting to your skin. Taking a little time to relax can reverse the aging effects of stress. Sometimes that hour you carve out for pore cleaning is also the only hour you have to relax and unwind.

Your need for regular facials really boils down to what your concerns for your skin are and what results you want. There are some treatments and skin conditions that must be treated more regularly, even weekly. After you achieve your desired result, you may be able to switch to a maintenance schedule and get facials monthly. Consult with a professional that you trust, who can guide you in setting up a customized program.



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3 thoughts on “Just the FAQs: How Often do I Need a Facial?

  1. Great reminder that I’m probably due for one! A few years ago, I was getting my skin ready for a big event and went for a facial once a month. It really helped & my skin looked better than ever. Just wish I could afford them monthly!

    • Thanks for your comment, Brianna! I definitely believe that reducing stress is good for your skin… and your mind and soul! Sometimes our appearance is what motivates us to do something that is beneficial for our whole body!

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