What Is A Chemical Peel?

what is a chemical peel

Many people get nervous at the mention of chemical peels, but they are a great way to revitalize your skin. Understanding more about how they work and why you need to get one.

How to Get a Great Facial

how to get a great facial

Getting a facial can be a wonderfully pampering experience, even while getting serious work done on your complexion. Here’s how you can help me help you.

Just the FAQs: Do I Need Extractions?

Extractions during a facial

People who come to get facials generally fall into two categories: people who love extractions and people who hate them. Estheticians who do facials also fall into two categories: estheticians who believe in extractions and estheticians who don’t. So what are the benefits of extractions, and do you really need them in a facial?