I am a licensed aesthetician. I am well versed in many aspects of the skin, but my opinion here is not meant to take the place of your doctor’s, your dermatologist’s, or any other health care professional that you work with.  You should always check with your doctor first.

My current or past affiliations with skincare brands or retailers do not influence my opinions on products, and I am not paid by any of my current or former employers to write this blog or for favorable reviews of products. This blog is my opinion only. In my field, I do receive millions of free products, but this does not guarantee a favorable review. I will never accept free product or payment in exchange for a favorable review. I will always give my honest opinion on anything I try, whether I purchased it or it was given to me.

I am not yet a nutritionist. I may speak to issues with food or diet, but my opinions are based on my own research and experience, which should by no means replace the advice of your personal doctor, nutritionist, or other health care professional.

In the end, I offer my opinions and advice to help you. But if you are asking yourself if you should see a doctor for that, you probably should.